Beach in Quang Binh

Quang Binh is the land of an old culture mix between Champa and Viet tradition. This land has a lot of archaeological sites as well as beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. Maybe most people just know about some famous locations at Quang Binh such as Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park and the most natural huge cave of the world – Son Doong Cave. However, they could forget to talk about some other beautiful place of Quang Binh, the beaches. And the most three beaches of this land are Bao Ninh, Da Nhay (Jumping Stone) and Nhat Le beach. For the reason that, Quang Binh has some annual storms so the better time for travelers to visit beaches at Quang Binh is from last of April to first of August when it is safe for visiting the seashores.

Way to Phong Nha Cave
                                 Way to Phong Nha Cave

 Bao Ninh Beach
Bao Ninh beach is on the small island that locates at the east side of Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province. It connects with the city by Nhat Le Bridge and next to the beautiful Nhat Le beach. Bao Ninh is a primitive and peaceful beach that would attract any visitor to wallow in the landscape. In the morning, you can walk along the beach under the beautiful sunlight and the shadow of coconut trees, breath salty fresh air from the sea, feel the sand and waves play with your feet. Sometimes, you can catch the boats of fishermen make landfall after a long working night. If you want to change your view and catch everything in your eyes, let walk on the Nhat Le Bridge and you can see the picture that you want. The first thing would impress you is the long white sand bank lie on the blue boundless sea. One side of the bridge is the primitive Bao Ninh sea, the other side is the poetic Nhat Le river, it is the special thing that makes Nhat Le bridge become attractive to visitors. Besides, Bao Ninh sea has a remarkable feature that is the mix of a white and yellow range of sand due to Bao Ninh seashore lie near the Nhat Le river. On the beach, tourists can join some sports activities such as football, volleyball, or even kite flying. Occasionally, on the full-moon day, visitors could enjoy a festival that holds by locals with many interesting games like traditional boat race and human chess. Especially, fresh and cheap sea foods from the boat of fishermen also are one of the most attractive reasons for tourists come and experience.

Bao Ninh Beach
                                        Bao Ninh Beach

Nhat Le beach
Nhat Le beach is three kilometers far away from Dong Hoi city. It is one of the famous locations that many tourists mark on their map when they come to Quang Binh. Nhat Le beach lies next to Nhat Le river mouth. Like Bao Ninh beach, it is a primitive seashore that bears less exploiting activities and still is not polluted. However, if visitors come to Bao Ninh to experience the life of locals and fishermen, they will come to Nhat Le beach to wallow themselves in the peaceful and romantic landscape. With the beautiful long white sand bank and blue sea, couples could walk along the seashore in the early morning or romantic sunset time. Besides, next to the Nhat Le beach is Mother Suot statue, the brave woman who row the boat on Nhat Le river to carry the weapon and Vietnam soldiers in America-Vietnam war. It could be considered as a historical place of Quang Binh, that makes locals remember about proud past of their land and old generation. If visitors want to have some fresh seafood meal in the restaurant with many cuisines, they should come to Nhat Le beach other than Bao Ninh beach where has fewer tourist services.

                                   Nhat Le Beach

Jumping Stone beach
It is 25 kilometers far away from Dong Hoi city, Jumping stone beach impress travelers by its interesting landscape. Jumping Stone beach was created due to sea water eroding the small rock mountains in so many years. Many small rock mountains are carved by waves that go up and down in the beautiful blue sea, with different colors and shapes. Visitors could jump and play on those rock mountains, or even take a unique portrait for their journey album. The special thing about this beach is a natural well created in a huge rock, that give locals fresh water for their daily routines. This well named Frog well because of its shape like a frog. If someone wants to take water from the well, he has to crawl into the “frog belly”. Therefore, it could be an interesting experience for visitors when they try to take some water from that special well. Moreover, Jumping stone beach has a lot of entertaining activities such as rowing boat, climbing rock mountain, hunting or even just walking in the poetic poplar forest.

                               Jumping Stone Beach


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