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My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is a special sanctuary situated in the Central of Vietnam which is referred to as a masterpiece of The Cham. Set in a small village in Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province which is 70km to the South of the center of Da Nang City and 40km from the Ancient Town of Hoi An.
During the period between 4th and 13th century, Cham religion existed as an exclusive culture in the Central of Vietnam which had its root from Hinduism in India. The Cham people established this place to practice religious activities and keep the corpse of their Kings.

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This holy site is a cluster of religious structures with more than 70 monuments at first, 25 of which remain today. Surrounded by two pristine ranges of mountains, this holy place used to be the religious as well as political capital of the South East Asian region. Furthermore, Thu Bon River has a part passing the monuments before pouring into the South China Sea. Being set in a valley covered with natural wonders, My Son possesses such uniquely sacred ambience.
In 1999, My Son Sanctuary was honorably recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage which would be worth visiting for ones who have interest in the mysterious culture and history of South East Asia.

my-son-sanctuaryThings to do and see
This masterpiece evidently presents the wealthy period of religious and political prosperity of Cham Kingdom. Besides the sacred values, the site comprises more than 20 architectural works which bears the features of Cham styles influenced greatly by that of the Indian. The temples in the complex are built mainly from red brick and sandstone which are divided into groups with one main towers surrounded by other temples. Both the method of making bricks and building up the structures of the Cham people remain unrevealed today, regardless of a great deal of study.
First discovered in 1898, the ruin in My Son was restored by the French during the time from 1937 and 1938. Unfortunately, like many other historic sites in Vietnam, the ruin of My Son was destroyed by the wars when Vietnamese soldiers used this place to hide away from their enemy in the US Wars.

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In the entrance of the complex is a Cham Museum containing sculptures and ancient items which are carefully-reserved from the temples around there. Before getting to the center of the complex, pay the museum a visit because you will not catch it on the way out. From the museum, you can take a buggy that shuttles visitors to the main site. The overall structure of the site is in accordance with the sun and its light during a day. In the early morning, the light shines behind the Head of God Vishnu from which sunshine will be dissolved throughout.
The place is divided into 10 groups marked as the alphabet order from A to F which are connected comprehensively to each other. The way they established the linking way is so incredible and intelligent. It would take visitors an hour to walk around the site and discover the temples. On the walking way, sometimes people can catch a sight of bomb craters left by the wars. There are traditional dancing performances at 9:45 am everyday which features the movements and music of Cham people from the past. The tour to My Son is often followed by a boat ride at extra fee. After leaving the relic site, visitors will be taken by a ferry back to Hoi An and have time to enjoy peaceful afternoon on the water.

Best time to visit
The visit to My Son which probably last for almost a day is often included in the trip to the Ancient town of Hoi An. In the dry season from January to April is ideal to enjoy Hoi An and pay My Son a visit during that time. In order to avoid either the crowds in My Son or the hot weather, visitors should depart from Hoi An at 5.00 in the morning or late in the afternoon and spend half of a day or a little more in My Son.

How to get there
As mentioned above, My Son is often combined with the tour to Hoi An Ancient Town which can be accessed from Da Nang. There are daily flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong to Da Nang International Airport from which tourists can catch taxis or buses to Hoi An or directly to My Son. If you depart from Hoi An, you can either go on a tour bus or hire a care with drivers to get to My Son. For brave people who want to experience, renting a bike would be a good idea. The fee for entrance is 150,000 VND.

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