Da Nang Overview
Considered to be one of the cleanest and most charming city in Vietnam invested with various tourist attractions ranging from artificial structures to natural beauty, Da Nang offers travelers a rich choice of entertainment comprising imposing bridges, national parks, long-lasting pagodas to stunning beaches and mountains which are truly worth a visit. So, for anyone of you who is planning to visit our country, please take note to put Da Nang on your bucket list of the must-see sites in Vietnam.


Contemplating the Dragon bridge breathing fire and water every Saturday and Sunday’s nights is said to rank on top in tourists’ to-do list of visiting Da Nang today, especially for first-time visitors. If you are lucky enough to succeed in planning your trip in the weekend, you are about to have the best time ever while relaxingly watch these sparkling shows. Opening for traffic circulation in 2013, the bridge is designed in a dragon shape symbolizing prosperity, power, and perpetuity with 6 lanes connecting two sides of Han river leading to My Khe and Non Nuoc beach. Dragon bridge’s fire and water splendid performance can also be seen from another new symbol of Da Nang -Love bridge.

                                    Love Bridge Danang

If you are obsessed with Ponts des Arts over mysterious Seine river in Paris but you cannot afford a chance to get there (It was uninstalled since 2015), then Love bridge is your alternative choice which also appeals a huge number of couples attaching their love lock here. Additionally, a considerable option is to take a cruise along Han river at night to truly admire the beauty of Da Nang’s nighttime.
Soaking up the sun and having fun on the beaches are also the priority of anybody’s summer vacation and when Da Nang comes to mind, tourists will not be disappointed. Beaches in Da Nang are easily accessible with a numerous of activities available for travelers to discover consisting of swimming, surfing, water-skiing, diving, kayaking, yachting and fishing. It is necessary to mention My Khe beach named by the American troops visiting during the Vietnam War rising to fame by admirably stunning views of the white sandy strand and majestic range of mountains and declared by Forbes magazine as one of six most charming beaches worldwide. Non Nuoc beach is also another picturesque offering authentic beauty, gentle waves throughout the year that tourists should check out.

                                       Danang Beach

Another not-less-well-known highlight in Da Nang is Ba Na Hills which can be reached by taking cables. This spot is hugely invested proposing tourists a plentiful of attractive activities which might take visitors a whole day to explore. It’s essential to note the French village area which is modeled following unique French architecture; inside entertainment hall representing wax statue museum displaying celebrities all around the world ranging from soccer player to the President of the US and other sport-related activities, etc.
Aside from these above locations, Da Nang still has many rooms for tourists to explore spotlighting Ngu Hanh Son Mountain with spectacular caves and stalactites; Son Tra peninsula- a long lasting primeval forest in a “young” city, Cham isle, Da Nang Cathedral built in French colonial period, Museum of Cham Sculpture, Hai Van Pass, Marble mountains, Phap Lam pagoda, etc.

                                       Bana Hill

Food in Da Nang
Nothing is better than fulfilling your trip with a walk around the streets enjoying the cool and fresh atmosphere and catching sight of some good food. Located in the center of three World Heritage Sites: Hue capital, My Son and Hoi An Old Quarter; Da Nang’s cuisine is combined and highlighted with loads of delicious and affordable dishes impressing tourists from dedicated main course to daily simple desserts, namely fresh seafood, Quang noodle with various flavors, Nam O fish salad, pork spring roll (pork and herbs rolled in a rice paper dipping on a specialized sauce), Shrimp crepes (banh xeo), fish noodle, sweet soups, jackfruit salad, etc.


Best time to visit Da Nang
Da Nang is worth exploring at any season of the year; nevertheless, if travelers expect to have a relaxing and enjoyable nice-weather trip or intend to lie on the beach getting tanned then visitors are recommended to travel there from February to August. This period of time offers tourists stunning weather without raining or storming regularly. On the other hand, if tourists a are curious of how hustling and bustling Vietnamese people getting for Lunar New Year, the period from January to March should not be a miss.

How to get to Da Nang
Coming to Da Nang is never more convenient than today that tourists can considerably choose any transport they want including plane, train, car, passenger car and motorbike. As for the plane ticket, there are numerous of promotion during the year owing to the fact that the growing number of tourists are eager to come and discover Da Nang. Besides, getting on a train is also preferable to many travelers because the station lies right in Da Nang city’s center and this transport is acknowledged to guarantee the safety to travelers and they are about to have a chance to freely contemplate magnificent scenery on the way. Aside from plane and train, for people whose budget is limited or who expect something convenient and flexible then passenger cars and motorbikes are perfect for their trip.


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